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British Values


 The government set out its definition of British values in the 2011 Prevent Strategy, and these values were reiterated by the Prime Minister. At Etchingham C E School, these values are celebrated and reinforced through our curriculum and ethos.


Democracy can be seen in action at our school in many ways. Pupils have the opportunity to make their voices heard through our School Council, which contributes to the School Development Plan. Members of the School Council are voted for by their classes. All School Council members sign the constitution at the first meeting of the year. We recognise the importance of embedding an ethos in which the opinion of all individuals and communities are valued. The opinions and decisions of the school council and its elected members have had a direct impact on the teaching and learning within our community.


The importance of rules and laws, those of the class, the school, or the country, are consistently reinforced in all aspects of school life including the managing of behaviour for learning and through school assemblies.

We also recognise the importance of educating pupils about how to work within the boundaries of the law. We invite law enforcement agencies to speak in assemblies and visit all classes. This enables pupils both to gain a better understanding of the ways in which they can work within the law’s remit and to recognise how the law can protect them.


At Etchingham C E School, pupils are encouraged to make responsible choices, knowing that they are in a safe and supportive environment. Classes decide their ‘rules’ which are in line with our school rules but allow pupils to determine the conditions for learning that will best benefit them as a small community.  

Across all school phases, we encourage pupils to make responsible choices whether in relation to their behaviour or teaching and learning.

They make their own choices in relation to their learning challenges or free play activities in the EYFS and KS1 when transitioning. We teach questioning skills which allows pupils to generate questions about the focus of each Learning Journey. The curriculum is then tailored to incorporate these questions and thereby engage all. In behaviour matters, our pupils are encouraged to make good and responsible choices.

Pupils are also able to exercise their own freedom, choosing to participate in extra-curricular clubs and opportunities.  They have key roles and responsibilities in school e.g. Year 5/6 Buddies and Play-leaders.


Etchingham C E School is a caring school where diversity is encouraged and celebrating difference is fundamental. Pupils are able to celebrate their personal achievements with the class and school. The concept of mutual respect is addressed through RE lessons and PSHE assemblies and sessions eg PSHE assemblies address concepts such as bullying, Remembrance Day and freedom of choice.

Pupils are encouraged to work both cooperatively and independently with a wide variety of activities involving group or paired work.


Our aim to teach and educate about diversity is reflected in our curriculum and events throughout our school calendar. Pupils are encouraged to share their life experiences and ask questions regarding the faiths and beliefs of others so that they are able to recognise that all beliefs should be respected even when these are different from their own.  Our ‘Window on the World,’ for which Y5-6 take responsibility, provokes discussion and promotes empathy, understanding and awareness of current events. It also provides opportunity for pupils to understand their place in a culturally diverse society.

Assemblies and discussions involving prejudices and prejudice-based bullying are supported by learning in RE and PSHE. The school has close links with a school in Malawi and the pupils enjoy learning about similarities and differences in our cultures through lessons, teacher exchange visits and letters