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Ethos and Values

The RIVERSIDE FEDERATION VISION reflects our renewed evaluation of our purpose and mission as Church Schools in the light of the FEDERATION of Etchingham C E School and Bodiam C E Schools.

Our spiritual, personal and learning development is derived from our Christian faith and heritage and from the ‘fullness of life’ we receive through drawing on the ‘living waters’ of our relationship with Jesus Christ.  

Our Values create the climate in which the 5 learning muscles flourish : being Resilient, Responsible, Resourceful, Reflective and Reasoning so that pupils are successful learners and are the best they can be.

Our vision shows the school community bearing fruit – our  impact - on  one another in the school, our locality and the world.   

The fullness of life we have in Jesus, helps us to


as we learn in our school and share the love of Jesus with others.

These values were chosen by the pupils of both schools in July 2017.

Biblical references support each value:

COMPASSION: 'The Good Samaritan' - Luke 10 25-37

FRIENDSHIP: ‘Down through the roof’ - Luke 5 v 17-39

TOLERANCE: ‘Love your neighbour as yourself’ - Luke 12 v 31

MISSION STATEMENT :                 

At Etchingham, in the context of Christian values and beliefs, we want all our pupils to:

  • learn to love learning
  • be motivated and enthusiastic
  • be risk takers and embrace challenge
  • be good citizens of our school and community
  • be equipped to become responsible members of  a 21st Century  society
  • be the best they can be!

SIAMS Inspection 2017

The school has a strong and distinctive child-centred Christian ethos and clear Christian values which impact deeply and positively on the school’s outstanding provision and excellent outcomes for the pupils.’

‘The outstanding relationships within the school and pupils’ exemplary behaviour are clearly linked to Christian teaching.’


The school has a friendly, welcoming and positive atmosphere. Strong relationships and the school’s religious values provide a secure framework for pupils’ behaviour. Pupils behave extremely well in lessons, during playtimes and when moving around the school. They are polite and kind to each other. Parents speak very highly of the school’s work and say that their children thoroughly enjoy learning.

Our School Mural reflects the aims and values agreed by all communities and expressed by the pupils in statements based on the Golden Rules which form the basis of day to day Behaviour for Learning in the School:

  • We learn and share what we know.
  • We are kind and helpful; our school is a happy and safe place to learn.
  • We are honest. We try to show Jesus’ love in all we do
  • We work hard.
  • We persevere when things are tough.
  • We all learn in our own way.
  • We are all smart in different ways.