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Complaints Procedure

At Etchingham C of E Primary School it is important to us to know how we are doing in the view of our stakeholders. We always want the views of parents, carers and children and like to celebrate what is going well but also to act quickly if there are any problems or concerns raised.

The Riverside Federation Complaints Procedure is for general complaints. There are a range of procedures to tackle other issues such as staff disciplinary action or child protection issues. The school will inform the complainant which is the right process to follow when a concern is raised.

We know that from time to time parents or carers may have legitimate concerns about aspects of the school. Such concerns will be handled, where possible, without the need for formal procedures. They should be raised with a member of staff, preferably the person who is most closely involved, who should be able to resolve the issue on the spot, including offering an apology if necessary.

It is in everyone’s interest that concerns are resolved at the earliest possible stage. The experience of the first contact between the aggrieved party and the school can be crucial in determining whether the concern will escalate into a complaint. To that end staff will know what to do when they receive a complaint, and which procedure to follow.