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The school is proud of its high level of attendance. We do not advocate children being taken out of school in term time. The Government and the Local Authority have procedures in place regarding absence during term time. A request for leave of absence must be applied for on a form available as a download below or from the School Office. There are, in addition to fixed holidays, other closures known as Inset Days when teachers are on courses in order to familiarise themselves with new curriculum demands. Parents are informed of these additional days in ample time. They are usually added on to existing holidays where possible to ease child-minding arrangements.

Normally your child should attend school if they only have a minor illness. The school will send them home if they think it is necessary.

Use this NHS guide to illnesses to see what illnesses may require you to keep you child away from school under normal circumstances.

If you keep your child off school, the school may ask for medical evidence.

If your child has a long term illness, the school can offer a range of support. They may also arrange Teaching for sick children.