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At Etchingham C E School, in 2018 - 2019, our fabulous Y6 pupils gave their all. They showed themselves to be true citizens of our school community, anticipating and meeting needs in the school, in addition to fulfilling their responsibilities in their final year at primary school, including taking lead roles in the end of year production.

We are particularly proud of the way in which our Y6 pupils have been good role models to others and have consistently shown kindness and compassion to younger pupils, particularly as Buddies to the Reception Class.  Their lunchtime help as Monitors in the lunch hall also helps to make lunch breaks run smoothly.

In terms of academic achievement this year, not one pupil could have achieved better than they did. Some of our pupils demonstrated resilience and determination to achieve their best. All pupils challenged themselves, confident that, at Etchingham, they would be supported and encouraged to be the ‘best they can be.’  Some pupils had only been with us a short while but embraced the ethos of high aspiration and high ambition together with the care and support the school brings to all pupils.

Congratulations to our pupils and our dedicated and inspirational staff who are all committed to personalised and aspirational learning.

We wish the our Y6 cohort every success in their new schools and we know that ‘loving learning’ will enable them all to continue to fulfil their potential as they enter the next phase of their education and beyond!


2019 Average Progress Scaled Scores
Average Progress Score in Reading in 2019 + 3.3
Average Progress Score in Writing in 2019 + 4.3
Average Progress Score in Mathematics in 2019 + 3.0